Tigerfish and Schangele

Finally I published “Tigerfish and Schangele”. spotifydeezerapple music und youtube (in german) – the first radio play of a planned podcast series called “Don´t tell me about the war”.

It´s basically the story of the 2nd World War seen through my mothers eyes and the eyes of the son of the British Air Marshal Sir Robert HMS Saundby, Adjudant of so called “Bomber Harris”. 


Jenny Schily, Ian Dickinson und Peter Bild.


Heidi Mockert (Bazoon), Manuel Miethe (Soprano Saxophon, Guffinette), Silke Lange (Accordeon), Steve Binetti (Guitar), Bettina Bruns (Alto), Oliver Doerell (Electronics), Boram Lie (Chello), Grégoire Simon (Violin).

Contemporary witnesses: Hedy Denzel and Dr. Peter Saundby (†).

A first listening session took place on the 75. anniversary of the “bombing night” at Freiburg, November 27th. Further informations here (in German).