About me

As a freelance film composer since the mid-90's, I've produced diverse original scores for cinema, television and corporate videos. Starting with short films for the dffb and the HFF Konrad Wolf in Berlin, the first feature film, "Paul is dead" (2000) won numerous prizes, including the Grimme Prize. Seven other Grimme nominations followed over the years for TV features and the famous crime series "Tatort". With "Alaska Johansson" (2014) there was also a nomination for the Rolf-Hans-Müller Prize for Film Music, 2021 got the score "Die Ferien des Monsieur Murot" on the short list of the same award.

From 1994 I was resident DJ in the Berlin Plantation Club, a predecessor of today's beach bars and a wild venue for cross-genre dance music. The first engagement as a wedding DJ was for friends of the bosses. In 1998 the club burns down, the weddings remain.

The hardly listening soundsystem has been playing underwater music on a regular basis in Berlin's Liquidrom since 2008 - well-groomed background music with an extensive repertoire is one of my favorite skills.

I've also played in different bands and numerous music projects, including This Big Herbert, Ornament & Verbrechen and Triplum. Denzel + huhn (est. 1999) has become my electronic home base after all these years.


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Denzel + Huhn: Brom

Brom is now the 4th album by Denzel + Huhn, released in 2015 on Oktaf / Kontakt. It contains 14 tracks with various guest musicians such as Ronald Lippok, Manuel Miethe, Florian Junker, Bettina Bruns, Sascha Friedl, Brad Hwang, Ralf Bokelberg, Sebastian Vogel, Thomas Kürstner and Naftali.



The hardly listening soundsystem spins underwater listening pearls for your inner health, finest Ambient and Chill House next shows: December 2nd from 2 to 6…

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Not a Single Day Premiere

The documentary by Kai-Uwe Schulte-Bunert with my music is to be seen in Munich on January 21st, 7 pm. Galerie Filser & Gräf, Galeriestr. 6,…

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Plötzlich machtlos – suddenly powerless

For the documentary by director Wolfgang Minder I recorded the music On German TV (WDR) February 1st, 10:15 pm.. Watch online (in German).

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Die toten Vögel sind oben (Dead Birds Flying High)

New Score for a documentary by director Sönje Storm about Jürgen Friedrich Mahrt (1882 – 1940), a north german pioneer of nature photography and collector…

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Tatort: Kontrollverlust (Loosing Control)

New music in collaboration with Max Knoth and the HR-Synphonic Orchestra (conductor: Hermann Bäumer) for the german crime series Tatort, “Kontrollverlust” (Loosing control, director: Elke…

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