Tigerfish and Schangele


Watching the stars from the cellar

"Tigerfish and Schangele" is retelling the story of the Second World War based on the memories of my mother and those of the son of the British Air Marshal Sir Robert HMS Saundby, Adjudant of the so-called "Bomber Harris". The result is a 3-part audio play with music, which makes clear in a very personal way how it could come to the European catastrophe and what it means for children to experience war as everyday life.

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• Conception, Composition, Speaker: Bertram Denzel
• Witnesses: Hedy Denzel, Dr. Peter Saundby †
• Speakers: Jenny Schily, Ian Dickinson und Peter Bild.

• Musicians: Heidi Mockert (Bazoon), Manuel Miethe (Soprano-Saxophone, Guffinette), Silke Lange (Accordeon), Steve Binetti (Guitar), Bettina Bruns (Alto), Oliver Doerell (Elektronics), Boram Lie (Cello) und Grégoire Simon (Violine).


An abridged version of 45 minutes was heard on the 75th anniversary of the air raid on Freiburg on November 27, 2019 in the "Mooswald Siedlung" of Freiburg.

Listen to SWR-Radio report (in German).